About Twisted Sisters & Company Fibre Mill

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Who We Are:

Twisted Sisters & Company Fibre Mill (TSM) is a family business, it is owned by three sisters – Leanne, Renee and Marlene who may or may not be a bit twisted!

How We Started:

In the late 1990's Leanne & Kevin began raising Alpacas on their acreage- Sunnyhill Alpacas, within a couple of years they needed more room, so together with Renee & Darrel they bought a farm east of Leduc. Leanne and Kevin needed more land for their expanding alpaca business, they also needed a place to get their luscious alpaca fibre processed. In 2002 the sisters purchased a used fibre mill to process fleece for both custom processing as well as their own processing needs, in July of the same year Twisted Sisters Fibre Mill officially opened their doors for business. Most of the original equipment has been replaced for more modern efficient machines. What we do: Today, customers from across Canada send their raw fibre to TSM to be processed. When the fibre enters the mill it is washed, dried, picked, dehaired and then carded into rovings, then spun into yarn and plied. TSM is constantly working on ways to produce better quality yarns and rovings. TSM can blend your fibre with other fibres such as merino, silk and nylon, which can add to the quality of the finished product.

The Store:

In 2004 the sisters opened a store next to the mill to sell their yarn and rovings as well as many finished products; slippers, socks, mitts, toques, scarves, duvets and dog beds. In trying to keep up with technology, you can now purchase most of their goods online on this all new website!


" I have always used heaters in my ski boots, after trying TSM's alpaca socks...I am boot heater free!" Robert Koskey

"The Twisted Sisters' Mother, Ann, knits the most wonderful, warm, comfortable slippers. I've worn them for years and bought them for family as well. Their store is a treasure trove of unique gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions." Eva Lewis