Custom Processing

At Twisted Sisters our aim is to produce a good quality end product for our customers. You can help us achieve our goal by having your fibre sorted and as clean as possible before processing. Clean fibre reduces waste and increases the quality of your finished products.  Buy or build a sorting table, lay your fleece out and skirt it well, shake your fleece to get out excess debris and dirt/dust.  If you are not sure how to skirt and sort, ask a friend or sign up for a course, it is not difficult and it will add value to your fleece.

Our prices are based on finished weight. We do accept small lots - our minimum finished weight requirements is 2 lbs. - although bigger lots reduce waste and save money. You may want to consider combining compatible fibre.

At Twisted Sisters we prefer to spin Alpaca Fibre, as that is what we know best, we have raised these wonderful animals for several years and the bulk of our custom processing is alpaca.  We will card other natural fibres into rovings, batts or lap/lap, we just do not have the experience to spin these fibres into yarn.

Shipping Address:
Twisted Sisters Mill
49319B Rge Rd 234
Leduc County, AB
T4X 1Y1

Price List – Effective January 1, 2017

Carding to Lap Lap

This is a fine web form of processing, ideal for hand spinning or making duvets.

Carding to Rovings


Carding to Batts (approximately 18” x 72”)

Batts are not available for exotics unless blended with wool.

Spinning Singles & Lopi Yarn - $24.00

Fingering weight - $3.00 surcharge
Blending - $2.00 - $5.00/lb.surcharge plus the cost of the material that you blend with, we will blend with and have available merino tops, tussah silk, nylon and bamboo.

2,3 & 4 Ply


NOTE: Prices include washing, picking  and dehairing.  If your fleece is not sorted and cleaned it may be rejected.


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